Smart Learning

What is Smart Learning®

Open to all The platform is entirely web-based. It can be opened in any browser and is accessible from your tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC. No software or apps are required.

Fully integrated No matter what device is used to follow the course, each participant has the same unique and personalised experience. Desktop sharing, inter-active chat, poll questions, and surveys are completely integrated functionalities that are also available.

SMART LEARNING offers each student the opportunity to learn at a time and place that suits him or her. The student can spend more time on some parts of the curriculum, and pass more quickly through other parts with which they may already be more familiar. Practical examples or specific situations can be simulated and practiced by means of video or gaming alternatives.

Information and communication technology enable interaction between teachers and students at any time.

Students exchange thoughts and conduct joint missions on discussion forums.

Organisational Culture:The virtual proximity and intimacy created through the reach of the Internet, combined with the impact of video, helps both office-based and remote employees stay connected to your strategic mission, purpose and strategy.

Teaser video of a Smart Learning® module

For Authorities and companies the advantage of SMART LEARNING is that it combines several functions. These functions are essential for Authorities to meet the ICAO/EASA, requirements and for companies to meet the Authority requirements.

All our courses are delivered through our patented SMART LEARNING model.

It consists of two parts:

  • The course itself (Triple7– the learning and test section), and

  • COCKPIT– our Multi-Media Management Control System, TripleM-CS: designed in-house, and readily personalized to suit the individual customer.

We have developed a patented individual control unit, based on a triple controlled scan program, supplemented by a wholly secure Q & A section. These ensure that whilst courses are easily accessible to our customers, the courses themselves, and any relevant examinations are protected by robust security provisions. Not only are the course and examination material protected, but we can ensure that each student really is who they say they are!

Extra protection by iris scanning is one of the options available to customers.

We are the only provider to offer this full suite of interactive course features in HTML5 technology.

With the SMART LEARNING approach the Authorities and the Companies save money, time and increase their efficiency.

Our courses are used by

Esbjerg Lufthavn


Argent Advancements


Irish Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport

Montenegro Civil Aviation Agency