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Featured Instructors

Dr. Hazel Courteney

CEO State Safety Global

Susie Møller Frederiksen

CEO Avsec Consulting ApS

Muhidin Hodzic

Ground Operations Consultant at McKechnie Aviation LTD

Peter Corbeel

Manager EASA Rulemaking & Certification Directorate r.d.t.

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  • Courses delivered by people recognised as leading experts in their own field
  • Unique delivery ensures enhanced, effective, teaching and learning
  • Reduction in travel and out-of-the-office time
  • Reduced learning and communication expenses
  • Can be used for accredited continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Better customer service delivered by employees being kept up-to- date
  • Positive impact on culture and employee morale
  • Consistent and timely communication
  • Improved employee satisfaction and service
  • Continuous corporate alignment
  • Flexible learning
  • Social learning
  • Broad application
  • SMART LEARNING courses are high-end broadcast web casts with binding keys
  • Registration required
  • Various forms of presentation and formats
  • Pre-test, post-test, questions and statements with direct feedback (right / wrong)
  • Accreditations are automatically processed
  • Final score versus potential score can be included as an option
  • End result is presented as a mail file
  • Optimal test reports and Analyses
  • Cost efficient: More value for money
  • Simple practical navigation
  • Live, On Demand FAQ
  • Alert service by SMS and email
  • Latest Updates
  • Reference to supporting literature
  • Links with social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Known costs
  • Compatible with all possible devices (platform independent)

Our courses are used by

Esbjerg Lufthavn


Argent Advancements


Global Elite Group

Irish Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport

Montenegro Civil Aviation Agency

Lufthansa Consulting


What other people say about TATA

“The system is good well designed with self guidance.
The course added value to some human factor and error management courses I did.
The material is organized with direct useful examples.
I can recommend these type of aviation courses.”

Samuel Makuza
Aviation Consultant

“I just finished course regards ICAO Annex 19 Ed2 (TATA). Thank you for this material. Congrats on great job and very useful training material and straightforward explanation of all ICAO Ann 19 Ed2 requirements.
This course we found very useful for our colleagues in CAA, inspectors, and members of National Safety Committee.”

Veselin Popovich
Safety Manager Montenegro Civil Aviation Agency